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      Unicorn Darts Collection

      Unicorn Darts, a pioneering brand established in 1937 with the creation of the 'Silver Comet' precision darts, has been a key player in the world of darts. Unicorn’s journey has included supplying equipment for the PDC (Professional Dart Corporation), putting their dartboards and brand on the grand stage of professional darts.
      Unicorn has also forged strong partnerships with professional players, including Gary Anderson, James Wade, John Lowe, and many others, who proudly represent the brand.

      Unicorn Darts Barrel Range

      Unicorn has invested significant time in expanding its extensive range of highly acclaimed dart barrels. Each of Unicorn's players is honoured with at least one, if not more, barrels that reflect their signature style. Unicorn also produces various non-player branded barrels, including Striker, T90, T95, and more.
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