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      Shot, a renowned brand in the darts industry, has solidified its position as a leading figure despite its New Zealand roots. With an exceptional offering, Shot has successfully expanded its presence into the global market. Over time, they've curated a roster of professional dart players to represent their brand, including Michael Smith, Rowby-John Rodriguez, Haupai Puha, and more.
      Founded in 1970, Shot boasts over 50 years of experience in crafting various high-quality darts-related products, including darts, dartboards, flights, and more.

      Shot Darts Barrels

      Easily distinguishable among others, Shot Darts Barrels always feature complex and captivating designs that reflect the unique style of their origin in Katikati, New Zealand. Shot barrels are known for their vibrant colours, intriguing shapes, and intricate milling techniques. Explore some of the most popular Shot barrels, including Roman Empire Centurion, Celt Druid, and Roman Empire Caesar.
      Discover the complete Shot Darts range, featuring darts, flights, shafts, cases, wallets, and all the necessary accessories.