Target Bolide Darts

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      Target Bolide Darts

      Precision Craftsmanship: Explore Target's Bolide Dart Range

      Uncover the artistry behind Target's Bolide range, featuring five barrel designs meticulously crafted to cater to various grips and playing styles. With radial grooved cuts and a hand-sandblasted coating, each dart offers enhanced grip and feel, complemented by a distinct yellow Pro Grip shaft and eye-catching flights exclusively designed for this collection.

      Swiss Point Innovation: Elevate Your Darting Experience

      Immerse yourself in the revolutionary Swiss Point system integrated into Target's Bolide collection. This precision-engineered system tailors your darting experience, allowing customization to suit individual preferences. The Bolide range stands out as a fusion of design and performance, where versatility meets precision for a truly unparalleled game.