Top tips on choosing darts and darts accessories for your man cave or she shed

Top tips on choosing darts and darts accessories for your man cave or she shed

If you’re finally getting the mancave or she shed you have always wanted - a space to call your own, hang your dartboard and chill out with your family or friends - then this blog is for you. We’re going to guide you through the equipment you’ll need to turn this garden dwelling into the ultimate darts grotto. From tips on choosing the right darts and dart boards to finding accessories that will make playing easier and more enjoyable, we’ve got all the advice you need to get your playing zone up and running. Read on for inspiration and quick links to the items you might need.

Choosing the right darts

Whilst your ultimate decision on darts will come down to personal preference, there are a few guidelines you can follow if you are new to the game. Even if you’ve been playing for ages and consider yourself to have mastered your own throw, you may still need to supply some ‘beginners’ darts for any newbies you invite around to play.  Some tips that might help you include:

  • Do you need steel tip or soft tip darts? This will depend on the type of board you’re using. Find out the difference and more information here.
  • What type of darts shafts do you need? The shaft is essentially the body of the dart and the type you choose will affect how you throw. Things you’ll need to consider include the length of the shaft you choose - short shafts tend to favour those who hold their darts towards the front whereas medium stems are great for beginners as they offer more stability. You’ll also need to think about the material the shafts are made from and how the weight of this might affect your throw. Find out more about choosing dart shafts here.

How to get your dart board set up just right

If you’ve never hung a dartboard before, or you just want to make sure you get it just right for your new man cave or she shed, then you need to follow these tips:

  • Ensure the bullseye is 5 feet and 8 inches (173cm) from the floor when the board is on the wall.
  • Make sure the oche is placed at the correct distance from the board - 2.37 metres for steel tip darts and 2.44 metres for soft tip darts.
  • Hang your board clear of doors, windows, entrances, walkways and valuables as stray darts can bounce up to 8 metres!

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What darts accessories will you need?

For the ultimate darts playing experience, you’ll want your guests to feel the part, so make sure you’ve got a few popular darts accessories strategically placed around your playing zone - from repointing tools to chalks, cases and spare flights, there are plenty of added extras that make the playing experience more enjoyable. Follow the link to choose from our full range of darts accessories.

Do you need a dartboard surround?

If you want to prevent holes in the wall, expand the playing area and protect your dart points from damage you’ll want to consider a dartboard surround. These affordable and easy to install accessories can also give your set up a more professional look.

You can even choose to personalise your dartboard surround. Perhaps with the name of your mancave or she shed, your team name or any other moniker of your choice.

Manual or electronic scoring

If you’ve been playing darts for years, then you’ll be used to chalking up the latest scores on the board next to your dartboard, but over recent years, technology has given us the electronic darts scorer, and we have to say, it’s a game changer! No longer will your poor mental maths get in the way of your game enjoyment as you simply enter the scores for each throw and the scorer will do the rest. You can even see total scores for each set or leg, plus look back on previous scores and view averages to keep an eye on your performance.

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Use the latest in darts innovation

If you really want to impress when you invite people round for a game of darts, you need the latest in darts innovation. The Target MOD system starts with a hub which allows you to customise your darts set up. You simply fix the hub to the wall and lock your dartboard into the hub. With USB ports at the side of the hub you can easily plug in electronic scorers or your mobile phone to access your favourite darts apps. There are also two DC power cable slots so you can plug in a dartboard light such as the MOD Halo. From then on, you can buy additional rails for the hub to enable you to have your choice of darts accessories close at hand. With two choices of rail length to choose from you can easily mount your accessories no matter how much wall space you have.

Shop now for all your darts needs

We hope we have given you some inspiration for your darts set up, so no matter what setting or space you have, you can create an awesome playing experience. Shop now for all your darts needs by following the link to our homepage.