Dartsmate Chalkie Plus Electronic Darts Scorer

Which Electronic Darts Scorer?

When I started playing darts in the 1980's scoring was usually done with a piece of chalk and a chalkboard. This has changed over the years with the introduction of electronic dart scorers. Here are some thoughts about the dart scorers available from Double Top Darts.

A very popular choice for pubs, clubs and games rooms is the top of the range Dartsmate Match. Dartsmate darts scorers are designed and manufactured in the UK and come with a 24 month warranty.

The list of features for this league approved scorer is huge, a few key features are; it displays scores for sets and legs, you can see your previous scores, you can delete a score if you enter it incorrectly and a feature I really enjoy is to play against the scorer, it has 8 skill levels.

Dartsmate Match (pictured below).

Dartsmate Match Electronic Darts Scorer

If you're looking for a scorer for a man cave or office, the Dartsmate Elite might be a good choice. We have this darts scorer in our warehouse (we play at lunchtime) and it's proved to be the ideal darts scoreboard. This darts scorer can be battery or mains operated. Once again it's feature rich, displaying sets and legs with the ability to play against the scorer.

Dartsmate Elite (pictured below).

Dartsmate Elite Electronic Darts Scorer

The Dartmate Chalkie Plus and Dartsmate Chalkie are top sellers. Both scorers provide all the basic requirements for dart scoring, the main difference between the two scorers is the Plus model displays sets and legs.

You can compare all the scorers we offer here.

Dartsmate Chalkie Plus (pictured below).

Dartsmate Chalkie Plus Electronic Darts Scorer