The impact of dart flights on your throwing style

The impact of dart flights on your throwing style

It might not seem like it, if you’re just starting out with the sport of darts, but every minute detail can make a difference. From the weight of darts you favour to the type of dart flight you choose, switching things up can sometimes make all the difference you need to get the best from your own game.

The shape of the dart flight you choose can affect the trajectory of your dart - i.e. how it flies through the air - which will ultimately impact where on the board it lands and how accurate your throw is. Experimenting with different flight shapes can therefore be a worthwhile exercise to find the right combination of flight and barrel or to find the one which best suits your throwing stance and technique.

In this blog we’re going to talk about how your choice of dart flights might affect your throwing style, so you can make an informed decision when buying new flights.

Standard Flights

If you’re new to darts, standard dart flights are always the best option to begin with. Their large surface area gives your dart plenty of stability during flight. The standard flight travels more slowly through the air and because it has more drag it helps to stabilise the dart, preventing it from being too affected by deviations. If you are a beginner or are looking to improve your accuracy, standard flights are the best choice. All you need to do now is choose the colours, styles or branding you prefer.

Slim Flights

Featuring the same length as standard darts flights but with a slimmed down body shape, slim flights help you to get more speed and land your darts faster. Their slimmer shape means they have reduced drag and can therefore travel more quickly through the air. The downside of this means they are more susceptible to deviations and even the slightest wobble at the oche can drastically affect the trajectory of your darts. For this reason, slim darts flights are more suitable for experienced players and those who prefer harder, faster throws.

Kite Flights

Kite-shaped flights are quite similar to standard dart flights but they are more rounded and taper towards the end that fits into the shaft. Their large surface area results in a slow and stable flight, but many players think that kite flights fly truer than standard ones, so they are often the next step in flight experimentation for beginners.

Pear Flights

More rounded than kite flights and with less surface area than standard flights, pear flights provide less stability but more speed and are thus more suitable for experienced players who have mastered the accuracy of their throw and are looking to speed things up. They are often combined with lightweight shafts to help the darts fly faster.

Moulded Flights

A fairly new contender to the darts flights range is the moulded flight. This one piece flight is precision moulded into a rigid shape that can be screwed into the barrel to eliminate the problem of your flights falling off mid throw. Moulded dart flights offer a more stable and consistent flight than their traditional counterparts. They don’t lose their shape, they hold true in the air and they generally weigh the same as folded flights. To find out more about moulded flights read our blog about K-Flex.

If you want to experiment with some new flights to find the best ones to suit your throwing style and dart preference, shop now at Double Top Darts to find everything you need. From standard to pear shaped flights and everything in between, including the latest moulded flights, we’ve got you covered! Follow the link to our full range of darts flights and get in touch if you have any questions or can’t find what you’re looking for.