The Cult Range of Darts by Target

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      Target Cult Collection

      Cult: Elevating Precision and Style

      The Cult range seamlessly blends elements from previous Elysian edition designs, showcasing high precision milled grips, performance coatings, and meticulous details that define Target's standards of excellence.

      Within the barrel, a high precision machine-milled design featuring distinctive 'cells' provides a strong yet subtle grip texture. Complemented by small flecks of color and intricate details running up the barrel, this design is a visual masterpiece. The black PVD performance coating, meticulously overlaid on the barrel, enhances both the texture and overall aesthetics, making it a stunning piece of engineering.

      Completing the dart is a Gold Swiss point, Gold Pro Grip EVO, and Cult Flights, creating a harmonious blend of precision, style, and performance that defines the Cult range.