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      Spotlight Series at Double Top Darts

      Explore our monthly changing collection featuring our best on-sale darts, available for a limited time only. Each month brings a new dart to discover, offering exceptional quality and value. Don't miss out – grab your dart of the month today and elevate your game with Double Top Darts!

      Damon Heta Series 2 

      Step up your game with the Damon Heta Series 2 Darts. Designed in collaboration with professional player Damon Heta, these darts feature a 90% tungsten barrel for exceptional balance and precision. The intricate grip patterns and sleek design provide superior control and a comfortable feel, making them ideal for players of all levels. Complete with signature Damon Heta flights and high-quality shafts, the Series 2 Darts are crafted for optimal performance. Elevate your darting experience with the Damon Heta Series 2 Darts and play like a pro.