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      RvB Echo Darts Collection

      RVB Echo: A Fusion of Precision and Collaboration

      Experience the synergy between two iconic brands with the RVB Echo dart collection. Merging elements from both the Echo range and the RVB G4, this series embodies diverse grip profiles, striking color combinations, and premium coatings, resulting in an exceptionally refined range.

      Elegance Redefined: Unveiling the RVB Echo Dart Range

      The RVB Echo – a collaboration between two brands. Taking key elements from both the Echo range and the RVB G4, this dart range encompasses multiple grip profiles, contrasting color schemes, and performance coatings throughout, creating an elegant range.

      Precision Unleashed: The RVB Echo Dart Collection

      The barrel itself is a testament to precision, featuring three distinct grip profiles. The front showcases Precision Milling, the middle boasts classic Knurling, and the rear features radial grooves. To further enhance the grip, re-machined chrome rings separate the front grips, while hand sandblasting within the grooves elevates the rear grips. Completing the collection is the exclusive Black Pro Grip shaft, available only with RVBxEcho, and the unmistakable signature RVBxEcho flights. Immerse yourself in the sophistication of the RVB Echo – where collaboration meets craftsmanship, creating darts that redefine elegance on the oche.