When do you need to replace dart flights?

When do you need to replace dart flights?

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They might look simple, but dart flights are one of the most important elements of the game. Your choice of flight shape and size will influence how your dart flies and without one, your dart would simply fall to the ground. Given the part they play in the game, it’s a good idea to keep your dart flights in good condition and to replace them whenever required. 

How to keep dart flights from falling off 

One of the signs that you need to replace dart flights is when they keep falling off. If you’ve had your flights for a while then replacing them makes sense, but if they’re fairly new and you like the way this choice of dart helps your dart fly, then there may be other things you can try to keep dart flights from falling off.  


Dart flights tend to fall off when you throw your darts close together and they are jostling for space on the board, particularly when you go for shots like treble 20. They can also become damaged if you don’t store them properly or you get bounce backs off the board, causing the dart to hit the floor. 

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To stop dart flights from falling off you can try these tips: 


  • Make sure you use a good quality flight 
  • Check the stem is not damaged or bent 
  • Check the flight is pushed down into the stem properly 
  • Use a shaft ring or flight protector to hold the flight in place 

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You could also try switching the type of flight you use. 8 Flight is the revolutionary moulded flight that combines with a thread shaft system to ensure an unbreakable bond between your flight and shaft - meaning no more flights dropping off during play! 

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How do flight protectors work? 

Flight protectors are a fabulous little invention that serve two purposes. Firstly, they make sure that the flight is spread out properly, giving you those perfect 90 degree angles and secondly, they lock the dart flight into place. As with your flights, you will also need to replace dart flight protectors regularly, but hopefully using them will prolong the life of your flights. 

How to attach dart flights 

It’s frustrating and sometimes an unwanted distraction during a game, but attaching flights is something that you’ll get used to the more you play darts! The better you get, the more you’ll be playing your darts closely together, causing your flights to be more damaged. If you need to replace them, it’s easy, simply: 

  1. Pull out and discard the damaged flight 
  2. Take the new flight and open it out, so it is square 
  3. Locate the slots in the end of the stem and push the flight in 
  4. Replace your flight protectors to keep the flight in place 


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How often should you replace dart flights? 

Some professionals will change their flights several times during a match. Tempting though it is to ignore a bent or broken flight, if you leave it in for the duration it could cost you the match as the dart won’t fly as you want it to.  


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