Top tips to take care of your dartboard

Top tips to take care of your dartboard

No dartboard is going to last forever, but if you take good care of it, you can make sure it has a great life span. No matter how good, or bad, you consider yourself at playing darts, your board is going to be under constant fire. From those long practice sessions, to inviting a heavy handed thrower around to play, every dart takes its toll on your board. If the wear around the board is not evenly spaced, you’ll get to the stage where the darts aren’t sticking properly. So, to help you prolong the life of your dartboard and ensure you have an unhampered playing experience, here are our top tips to take care of your dartboard.

Rotate your dartboard regularly

Due to the nature of the game of darts, certain numbers around the board are more sought after when it comes to aiming your throw and if you’re not careful, the board can wear unevenly in these areas. It is therefore recommended that you rotate your dartboard regularly to spread the wear and prolong the life of your board.  If you opt for a board with a moveable number ring, it is easy to rotate the board by one or two segments every couple of weeks. Simply set yourself a calendar reminder, so you don’t forget.

It is worth pointing out that turning your board won’t protect it from wear and tear on the 25 and bullseye, so if you are regularly playing games such as Cricket, which rely on this area of the board, you will find it wears out more quickly.

Don’t get it wet

Despite what you might have heard, dartboards don’t like getting wet, at all. In the early days, before bristle boards became popular, it wasn’t unusual to soak the board with water to help prolong its life. Times have changed, however, and we definitely advise that you avoid getting your bristle board wet. Keep all liquids well away from your dartboard as they could damage the playing surface and reduce the lifespan of the board.

Look after your darts

When it comes to looking after your dartboard, one of the best things you can do is to take great care of your darts. Blunt, hooked or damaged dart points can cause premature wear on your board, pulling out the fibres and causing over compaction. We advise you to check your dart points regularly - perhaps at the same time as you rotate your board - and if they appear to be blunt or damaged, replace or sharpen them.

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