Top tips for choosing a darts shirt

Top tips for choosing a darts shirt


Whether you are looking to emulate your favourite player, or give yourself the competitive edge, what you wear to play darts can make a difference. Darts shirts are one of the most popular items in a players wardrobe but because they come in such a wide range of styles and designs, how do you know which one is right for you?  Here we share some top tips to help you choose the perfect darts shirt.


First and foremost, your darts shirt needs to be a comfortable one. However long you are playing for, you’ll appreciate something that doesn’t chafe, restrict or rub you with irritating stitching.

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For versatility and comfort you can’t beat this Winmau Pro-Line dart shirt, available in sizes from small to 4XL.


You’ll need to ensure that there is plenty of movement in the shirt you choose so your arm is free to throw the dart without being restricted by a tight sleeve. Most modern darts shirts are designed with this concept in mind, so look out for shirts from the big brands and you can’t go far wrong.




This Pro-Line Polo Blade darts shirt from Winmau is lightweight, breathable and has plenty of movement in the arms to help you deliver your best throw.


Your shirt will need to be light enough that it feels comfortable to wear for long matches, tournaments and heavy practice days, without weighing you down.



These Harrows Paragon darts shirts are lightweight and made from micro-fibre material to help you contain a consistent temperature no matter how heated the match gets!




It’s always a good idea to choose darts shirts with at least one good size pocket, as this is the ideal place to keep your darts and accessories including your spare flights. That way, you won’t risk losing them and if you quickly need to change a flight, you’ll have everything you need at hand and can get the job done without affecting your continuity or focus.



This high performance dart shirt from Target, features a large pocket to keep all of your accessories on you.


If you choose a shirt that is easy to embroider then you have the option of personalising it with your darts nickname, your team or even the tournaments you have won! If you play in a team and choose to have the same shirts, all personalised with your names, it’s amazing what a difference it can make not only to your camaraderie but also to your confidence at the oche.


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