New CULT darts from Target

Its darts launch season!

At this time of year thoughts are turning to gifts and ideas for the festive period. Fortunately it is also the time when all the major darts manufacturers are also releasing their new product ranges. It is a particularly exciting time and Double Top Darts Shop is one of the few places you can find them all in one place.

Some amazing ideas and designs

The designers at all the major brands have been working all year on new ideas and concepts. These might be working with a player to enhance their darts or establishing a new dart series. One of the best looking darts released last year are the gorgeous Harrows Taipan 90% tungsten darts. These also have a range of flights in stunning shapes and designs.

Taipan darts from Harrows

Also expect new equipment ideas such as the Winmau Edge Corner Bracket for your man cave! During lockdown many home recreational rooms have become a permanent fixture. The designers have been thinking hard about how they can help players at home maximise space. 

 Often great gift ideas are released, with a price range to suite different pockets. Some stocking filler options include Dartboard Holders and stand out flights such as the Unicorn "goat". Then their are some very cool clever darts cases such as Harrows Prima darts case which holds two sets of darts ready assembled. 

Winmau Darts Dock

Unicorn GOAT flightHarrows Prima darts case

All the major brands will be coming to market with new releases in the next couple of weeks and Double Top Darts Shop is the place to find them. 

Target Elysian special edition darts 

Elysian series 8 limited edition dart from Target

One of the most anticipated releases at this time of year is the lavish Target Elysian special edition dart. These are beautifully styled leading edge darts, released in limited quantities. Most are snapped up by collectors in record time so you need to be ahead of the game if you want to add these in to your collection. They come in a gorgeous gift set which is just as well as many will never be thrown, just admired! 

Unsure on what they would like?

If you just cannot decide what to go for a consideration is  Double Top Dart Shop gift vouchers, available in various sizes. A guaranteed hit whoever the relative or friend dart's preference is! 

Double Top Darts Gift card

All the major releases in one place.

Double Top Darts Shop will have all the major releases from Target, Winmau, Harrows and Unicorn so keep an eye on the website and social media feeds. Alternatively sign up to our newsletter (details in the footer below) and we will deliver information on the new concepts and designs as soon as they happen. Everything is indicating it is going to be an exciting set of new product releases!