Hit the bullseye this Christmas with our range of darts gifts

Hit the bullseye this Christmas with our range of darts gifts

When it comes to choosing Christmas gifts, focussing on your recipient’s new hobby could be the key to selecting the perfect present. If you know someone who has recently taken up darts, or who has been talking about improving their game, our new darts gifts range is the best place to start your festive shopping. Double Top Darts is the one stop shop for all your darts needs. We stock items from all of the major brands, enabling you to easily compare and mix and match to find the perfect darts gifts for your friends and family.

If they’re looking to improve their game

We all know that practice makes perfect, so if you know someone who is trying to take their game to the next level, why not choose a darts gift that can help them improve their accuracy?


We love these Simon Whitlock darts practice rings by Winmau. Designed to help players improve their accuracy, grouping and throwing rhythm, they’re a fun way to enjoy practice sessions and at £6.95, make a great stocking filler.


Often, all it takes to become a better darts player is to learn from your past performance, but you can’t do that unless you keep a record. The Practice Plans by Performance Darts lay out straightforward practice games in session order with an area to record statistics - enabling players to keep track of how many darts it takes to score and finish. With space to record performance over an 8-week period, your recipient can easily see how their game is improving. Priced at just £9.95, this is an affordable gift that can really help someone to understand and improve their game.

It isn't just the throw that can be improved upon, but also the overall stance and movement. If you want to help a keen darts player to improve their balance, strength and flexibility, shop for these Power Bands from Winmau. We offer a choice of 3 different band designs, all embedded with ionic frequencies that react positively with the body's natural energy field.

If they love darts accessories

You can never have too many darts accessories…. ok, so that may just be us, but if you’ve got the space and you’re serious about playing, there are so many different accessories you can benefit from.

If you’re looking for gifts for dart players this Christmas, one of our favourite picks is this Miniature Dartboard dart holder by Winmau. It’s the ideal place to safely keep your favourite darts together - in a very stylish, miniature Blade 6 style dartboard. Your darts will always be ready when you need them, and the dock protects the tips from damage. This dart dock makes a perfect standalone gift, but also a great stocking filler if you are buying darts or a dartboard for your recipient.

No darts setup is complete without a case to store darts for use on the go. Ideal for taking darts to and from practice sessions and matches, the Harrows Blaze Darts Case comes in a choice of different colours including aqua, green and red and perfectly stores fully assembled darts. At £7.50 this makes a great addition to a new set of darts, but works equally well as a standalone gift or stocking filler for a darts lover.

If they’re looking to upgrade their darts

There are many factors to consider when shopping for darts, such as the weight, the shaft style and length and the flight type an often it all comes down to personal preference, Whether you are Christmas shopping for a darts beginner, or someone with a little experience, you might not feel comfortable buying a set of darts that will suit their throwing style, so why not get creative and come up with other ways to upgrade their darts?

Flights are the perfect accessory. Players can never have too many of these, because the different shapes can allow them to experiment until they find the perfect throwing style. We love this Winmau Players Prism Flight Collection as it features the latest designs from the Ultimate Winmau players including Michael Van Gerwen and Daryl Gurney. Simply slide in the new flights and emulate the greats!


A great little gift for beginners is this Unicorn Maestro Tune Up Kit, featuring shafts, flights, flight protectors and a dart sharpener - the perfect accompaniment to their new set of darts or to help them revitalise an old set.

Need more darts gift ideas?

Browse our darts gift range for more great gift ideas this Christmas or explore our website for darts related gifts from all the brands they love.

Happy Christmas darts shopping!