Harrows Darts: where it all started

Whether you are new to darts and browsing our website for inspiration or are an experienced player checking out the latest products, you will most likely have come across Harrows Darts in your search for the perfect dart. As a world leading brand you can expect to find the Harrows name today on a wide selection of darts, together with darts equipment and accessories including shafts, flights, cases and clothing.  The brand is more widely distributed than any other and is known and loved for its high technology darts products, but where did it all begin?

 Ron Woodhead, Jack Harris, Colin Harris Harrows founders with Joe Hitchcock

Harrows was founded in 1973 by darts enthusiasts Jack Harris, Colin Harris and Ron Woodhead, who opened a small shop in Enfield, North London buying and selling darts and accessories in-store and by mail order.  An old shed in the back of the premises provided the perfect starting place for the manufacturing process and the team began to make dart barrels and flights to be sold in the shop.

 Double Top Darts  Harrows Flights

The business continued to expand, thanks in part to the television of darts in the 1970’s, and when the set up in Enfield was no longer big enough, Harrows moved to an industrial unit in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. The company continues to operate from the same area today.

 Double Top Darts TAIPAN HARROWS

With homegrown interest continuing to rise and the expanded Harrows operation well placed to satisfy this demand, attention turned to the overseas market in the 1980s and lots of travelling, trade shows and cooperation with emerging leagues around the world, helped to spread the Harrows name far and wide.


Harrows’ profile was dramatically increased by teaming up with 5 times world champion Eric Bristow in 1985, together with Maureen Flowers, the ladies number one player at the time. Two years later, their vision and insights into world darts led them to also start manufacturing soft tip darts, for use on injection moulded plastic dart boards.


As founder members of the World Darts Council (WDC), which later became the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), Harrows were well placed to inject interest back into the sport, which had been on the decline in the 1990s due to lack of television coverage.


Thankfully, today, darts is as popular as ever and Harrows darts sits at the top as a great British brand that continues to manufacture in Hoddesdon and distributes to over 100 countries globally. Double Top Darts DAMON HETA 90% TUNGSTEN STEEL TIP DARTS BY HARROWS

As they continue to innovate and develop, we look forward to whatever is around the corner for Harrows and the future of this fantastic sport that we are always proud and excited to be part of.Double Top Darts HARROWS PRIMA DARTS CASE


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