Game on! Red Dragon Darts are now available at Double Top Darts

Game on! Red Dragon Darts are now available at Double Top Darts

We’re really excited to announce our latest launch - Red Dragon Darts. They might have been around for 48 years but this is the first time that these iconic darts have been available at other UK retailers and we’re both privileged and excited to stock the Red Dragon range. Join us in celebrating this fantastic news by reading up on the history of the brand and the top players using these darts.

Red Dragon - where did it all start?

In 1975, two experienced automotive engineers who had developed a keen interest in darts established Red Dragon Darts. They conducted an exhaustive study of the tungsten market before launching a unique tungsten darts business.

After more than four decades, Red Dragon now operates from its own dedicated darts facility, offering unprecedented standards in tungsten darts production.

The founders of Red Dragon were trailblazers in the mail order sector, helping to transform the global darts market. After 48 years, Red Dragon Darts still embodies this innovative spirit and the brand is committed to maintaining excellent standards of manufacturing.

What is so great about Red Dragon Darts?

Probably one of the greatest attributes of the Red Dragon range is its versatility. With products on offer to suit everyone from the darts beginner to PDC professionals, there is sure to be a set of darts, a dart board or accessories to accommodate your style, taste and playing preferences.

Choose from a range of darts, flights, cases, clothing, boards, accessories & more from our comprehensive range.

Which players use Red Dragon Darts?

Red Dragon is currently in the enviable position of having 3 of the top 5 PDC players.

Peter Wright

current PDC World Ranking: 3

Easily recognisable from his multicoloured mohawk, ‘Snakebite’ uses a range of 22g barrels and interestingly, has no set match dart.

Luke Humphries

Current PDC World Ranking: 4

Cool Hand Luke’ secured his first senior ranking title in the opening players Championship event of 2022 and hasn’t looked back since. He favours torpedo-styled mid-balanced darts and also plays with 22g darts.

Gerwyn Price

Current PDC World Ranking: 5

As a former rugby professional ‘The Iceman’ is no stranger to competition and has lifted multiple major titles to become one of darts most established names. Gerwyn plays with 23g darts and you’ll probably notice his iconic blue original darts when watching televised matches.

Jonny Clayton

Current PDC World Ranking: 7

Welshman Jonny Clayton joined the PDC circuit in 2015 and has since gone from strength to strength, lifting 4 televised titles in 2021 alone, a feat made even more remarkable by the fact ‘The Ferret’ was still working for his local council as a plasterer at the time.

If you’re looking for a Red Dragon Darts shop then look no further than Double Top Darts. We’ve got a whole section of our website dedicated to these innovative darts so you can emulate your heroes, test out a new style or weight of dart or upgrade your flights to get the most from the game you love. Follow the link to view our full Red Dragon range.