Do you need a dartboard surround?

Do you need a dartboard surround?


When completing your darts set up, you might think you are all ready to go once you’ve got the dartboard, darts and mat sorted, but there is actually one vital piece of equipment you may have overlooked - the dartboard surround. No matter how good you are (or think you are) at playing this great game, there will be times when darts go astray, so unless you don’t care about your walls, you will definitely want to invest in a dartboard surround and here are our top reasons why.

1. Prevent holes in the wall

Wherever you’ve got your dartboard set up, from the spare room to the garage, dining room or purpose built garden room, there will be walls that need protecting. If you’re lucky enough to have a room solely to practice your darts you might expect a little damage to the interior, but if the room has another purpose, you won’t be too popular if you start peppering the walls with holes. Using a dartboard surround will provide a wider area around the dartboard to deflect stray darts and stop them from damaging the wall.


2. Provide a larger playing area

Whilst the dartboard surround itself won’t count when it comes to scoring, it will give you that safety net of a wider area to aim for when you’re new to the game. You will have peace of mind that your darts won’t ruin the wall as the dartboard surround will absorb the impact and the darts, which has the added bonus of preventing them from falling on the floor where they might damage the flooring.


3. Protect your dart points from damage

Did you know that darts can be thrown at speeds of up to 40mph? Granted, this is generally the top speed expected from professional players, but even so, imagine what damage that brick wall is going to do to the points of your darts when they go astray at that speed? In order to prevent the wearing down of points or shock damage to your darts, having a surround will go a long way to reducing the number of times your darts hit the wall.


4. A more stable board

Once you’ve picked your chosen dartboard surround, you’ll need to slot the dartboard snugly in and attach it to your wall. You’ll probably find that the board becomes more stable once it is sited within the surround, so less wobble means you’ve got a better chance of hitting your target.

5. Prevent damage to other items and people in the room

A dartboard surround is designed to absorb stray darts, so it also helps to prevent damage to people or objects within the room, as there won’t be so many bounce outs.




6. A professional look

Finally, we couldn’t let you pass up on the chance to add a dartboard surround to your equipment list without letting you know that it will make your setup look more professional. Whether you are playing at home or a local club, a surround will complete the look and give your dartboard pride of place on the wall.


The great thing about dartboard surrounds is that they are affordable. They are also easy to install and will save you money in the long run as you minimise repairs to your walls and interiors.



Which dartboard and surround?

We offer a wide range of dartboards and surrounds from all the top names in the game including Winmau and Target. Follow the links to find your ideal dartboard and surround or get in touch with the Double Top Darts team for advice on the best equipment for you.