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Darts Accessories to Up Your Game

So you’ve got your darts. Perhaps you had a new set for Christmas? Or maybe a new dartboard, which you have installed over the holidays?  Now, it’s time to enjoy this fantastic game. In order to get the most from your playing experience, there are a number of darts accessories which can help improve your game. Here we are going to review just a few of the accessories we recommend to darts players.

Double Top Darts darts cases

Darts Cases and Wallets


As enjoyable as the game of darts is, there is no getting away from the fact that darts are dangerous, particularly steel tip darts. To prevent darts from doing damage to people or property, the safest way to transport or store them is to use a darts case or wallet.  When shopping for darts cases, take the following factors into consideration:

 Double Top Darts

  • Do you want a case that stores darts assembled or would you prefer to disassemble them? Removing flights for example may help to keep them from getting damaged or squashed, but depending on the style of case, may place extra pressure on them.Double Top Darts darts cases
  • Do you want a hard case or material case? Harder cases are best for those needing to travel to tournaments and local games, as they offer greater protection during transit. For home darts players, material cases may offer a better option as they tend to be less expensive and bulky. Double Top Darts darts cases
  • What size of case do you require? Many players have more than one set of darts with interchangeable flights and spare shafts. Take into account how many items you need to store before choosing a case that can accommodate your needs.

 Double Top Darts darts cases

Even if you won’t be travelling with your darts, it is still advisable to store them safely at home and especially out of reach of children.

 Double Top Darts darts cases

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Dart Repointing Tools

Dart Repointing Tools

You’ll notice that over time, the points of your darts will wear down.  In order to maintain optimal performance, rather than buying new points, you can instead repoint the ones you have.  Here you have two options - buy the repointing tools and do the job yourself, or if you are not likely to need this doing very often, you could take advantage of a darts repointing service such as the one we offer here at Double Top Darts.

Replacement Dart Points


If you prefer the precision of fresh points rather than repointing, you could buy replacement dart points.  New points allow the dart to penetrate the dart board deeper, but they can also be very smooth to begin with, which means that they may not hold into the board as well as you would like. If you find this with new points, you can scuff the surface of the point very slightly to help it stay in the board.

Also there are some different styles of points that you might want to try. 



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Darts Waxes and Chalk


If you want to take your game to the next level, try using darts wax. It will help you to get an improved and consistent grip on your darts, which could lead to a better, more accurate throw. We have waxes, powder and liquid products to help improve your darts grip. You can even choose scented wax and enjoy a waft of strawberry, grape or apple as you release your darts.Double Top Darts waxes and chalks

Darts Accessories from Double Top Darts

Improve your game in 2021 with our extensive range of darts accessories. We ship throughout the UK and overseas, offering next day delivery to UK customers at the checkout, so you don’t have to wait long to start using your new accessories. Click here to browse our full range of darts accessories and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help choosing the right product.