Coming soon: the new innovative darts accessories that could change your game

Coming soon: the new innovative darts accessories that could change your game

At Double Top Darts we strive to stay at the forefront of darts innovation and there is no denying that technology is transforming this traditional game. If you are looking for ways to bring your equipment right up to date, then look no further than the exciting launches we have coming to our online store in early 2024.  Read on to discover more about two new innovative darts accessories from Target that could change the way you play darts forever and find out how you can be amongst the first to hear about these new launches.

Virt camera system

Darts has always been a social game, but if you’re fed up of practising at home alone this new launch from Target could be just what you need. The Virt camera system is a two-way camera that simultaneously shares the dartboard and thrower, enabling you to virtually play darts against another player no matter where they are. When used with the DartCounter App, live games against players from across the world are just a click of a button away.

The front facing camera allows your opponents or fans to watch you play in real time whilst the dartboard facing camera allows them to watch your darts land on the board. You can either mount the Virt camera on the wall or attach it to the MOD System - allowing you to be set up and ready to play in just a matter of minutes.

Omni - auto scoring system

If your maths is dubious at best or you can’t trust yourself or your opponent to keep score, it no longer has to ruin your enjoyment of the game. The Omni auto scoring system by Target eliminates the need for manual scoring via chalkboard, electronic counter or scoring app by automatically tracking where your darts land in the board.

We’ve seen this system in action and the accuracy is impeccable, meaning you can have a seamless darts playing experience without having to keep pausing to calculate and log scores.

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